How the 85mm f/1.2 S lens Perfectly Fit a Wedding

We start with style because it was the origin of the video we hope you’ve just seen. (above)

When we saw wedding videographer Sharrone Calafiore’s video portfolio at her website, we were so taken with her style that we offered her an assignment to create a marketplace bali video for us using the Z 9 and the NIKKOR Z 85mm f/1.2 S lens.

The thing is, Sharrone didn’t shoot with our system, but we really wanted to see how our camera and lens would work with her style, and considering her experience and expertise, we also wanted to know what she would think of the performance of our gear.

We’ll get to that in a moment. First, a little about the style that caught our attention.

Short Stories
For us, the first clue to Sharrone’s approach to wedding videography was that her company is called Fiore Films, and what we saw in her videos was a cinematic storyteller’s skill and sensitivity. She moves as unobtrusively as possible through the wedding day, capturing natural and ceremonial moments in a picture-perfect location among guests selected to be participants and witnesses. Later, her skillfully edited story places viewers of the video in the role of observers who see and hear just enough to be quickly caught up in the drama—and all this happens in videos lasting about a minute, or three, or five, all of it brilliantly done under the constant pressure of knowing it’s happening on a day in which there can be no retakes, no second chances and very little directing of actions or events.

“I know there are videographers who do amazing work when they direct, but we tend to do our best when we are not directing,” Sharrone says. “We” consists of Sharrone and either one or two other videographers, depending on the size of the wedding, and what they do best is best done inconspicuously. Which means they’ve created an ultimate challenge for themselves. “We love to creep, to just be the fly on the wall,” she says, “but the problem is, our style is also very much ‘the perfect look’—posed properly, lit properly.” So how do you realize a casual, “Oh, we just happened to be in the right place at the right moment” look and still achieve perfection? “That’s where balance comes in,” Sharrone says. “Be there, but unless it’s a vital shot that everyone expects to be captured perfectly, don’t be the center of anyone’s attention.” That balance is what makes her style so effective…and so notable.

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